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Readfield Historical Society
Museum and Archives - 759 Main Street Readfield, ME 04355

Our Museum is housed in what was an old schoolhouse. Built in 1853, this two-storey building accommodated a schoolroom on the first floor and a chapel upstairs. When the chapel moved to a building of its own, the older classes were moved upstairs, thus making a two-room schoolhouse.

The bulk of our exhibits is located on the second floor, which is handicapped accessible, with a stair- chair lift and a wheelchair and walker available at the second floor landing. We have a Farm section, a Home and Family Life section, a transportation area, a section on Churches and Civic Organizations and a Grange corner. As we receive more items, exhibits change, so we are constantly improving. The center of our exhibit floor is taken up with flat exhibits hung on dividers and display cases filled with small items and documents.

We now have music playing softly in our Museum!!! Thanks to the combined efforts of Kents Hill teacher Steve Stortz and Readfield resident Bill Starrett, old records from the 1920's and teens (from the personal collection of the President) were transferred to a tiny MP3 player, which was then installed, along with a pair of computer speakers, into an old radio body. It adds a nice touch to our Home and Family area. Our first floor houses our research area and files. In addition, we have restored the center of the room back to an old schoolroom where our "Day In A Rural Schoolhouse" happens each spring.

The President will open for visitors on any day. One needs only call him at 207-377-2299.

Due to the possibility of the building being closed, it behooves a person travelling from afar to call first.
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